Make the Transition to Video Filming


If you like to draw, and you want to promote your company effectively, it is time to make the move to video filming. Rather than use still images and typed content, switch to video and animation and watch your company flourish. Video media is the hottest topic in marketing today, and it can be the best way to connect with your potential audience.

To Create a Good Marketing Video, Minimize
It is easy to get excited about the process of animating. That might lead you to go a bit overboard. It happens a lot. Try to stick to the basics instead. For example, find stock photos and backgrounds you can use, rather than drawing everything yourself. This will save you time and let you focus your talents where they are best used; creating a unique character, perhaps.

When you draw a character on paper you can spend a lot of time fine tuning the little bits. Hands are notoriously hard to draw. Only include such features when you are “close up” with your characters. Stick to the bigger elements otherwise. In fact, simplify as much as possible when using animation, since the form itself is uncomplicated.

Make the Most of Motion Design Features
Most programs you find online will offer a suite of tools that help make your videos smoother and more professional. You can use such tools to blend motion between two images to create a smoother flow. Use bone rigging tools so you can move limbs more naturally and easily. Make short pieces of animation and then pull them together instead of trying to create a single, long video.

Uses for Video Marketing
Fortunately, video marketing lends itself to a wide range of topics. At the very least, your company should have a promo video, explainer videos for any products you offer and an intro video. Each video should link to your homepage and to your other videos. Clients are more likely to click through after a video than they are after reading an article or blog.
If all this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. You can hand your sketches to a professional video company, like Rip Media, and they can take your work to the next level.

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