What Makes a Great Demo Video?


Several key features are essential if you want a fabulous demo video. You can’t just tape yourself demonstrating how to use your product and expect people to flock to your website. Granted, a demonstration is in order, but there are a few things you need to do to ensure the success of your video.

Script Writing Is a Skill
It takes some level of expertise to write a script that is both educational and entertaining. A demo video has to be both. Figure out how many words you can include in the time you allot and then work to get your script to a point where it contains all the information you want to impart within that limit.

Plan the Performance
Many people use a storyboard when planning out their video. These drawings can later be expanded if you choose to create an animated presentation. Set up each scene on paper and get whatever you need to bring that scene to life. If this process is unfamiliar to you then hiring a professional firm, like Rip Media, is a great idea.

Find the Talent
Not everyone’s voice is suitable for recording. If you don’t have someone who is ideal for voiceover work, talk to the professionals. The same holds true for drawing, lighting, editing and so forth. Your demo video is your business card on the Web; if it looks good, so do you.

Consider the Sound
Do you want your demonstration to stand on its own, or would you prefer to have something happening in the background? Music, sound effects and environmental noise can either add to, or detract from a good video. Additionally, make sure that your voice or voiceover doesn’t overpower the presentation. A clear, easy to understand voice is the ideal.

Deliver Your Product Demos to the Public
The final part of the process is to deliver your product to the public. Pass your video around to as many websites as will take it and make it easy to share. Promote it through social media and let your viewers help you move it along.
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