Making A Mind-Blowing Video Production

MInd Blowing Video Production

We all have the highest hopes when we decide to make a video production – but what are some of the elements needed to make it mind-blowing? Something that makes its viewers compelled to share it with everyone they know? Something that gets everyone talking? Something that goes viral?

Well don’t tell everybody this, but we’re going to share some elements that go into that secret sauce.


Right now, in fact.

So here goes…

Leave Them Wanting More

It’s a pretty amazing thing to do – give your viewers just enough to create a lust for more.  That allows you to generate even more content – turn your viewers into addicts for you!

Pop Culture

Throw in a popular meme. Reference a popular film. These help you connect with an audience who are already familiar with these things and might appreciate the connection it builds.

Killer Choones

A great music track can do so much to a video production. It’s mood, atmosphere and emotions all rolled into a bunch of musical notes – and it can make or break a video. Great music enhances a video production a thousand-fold.

Engaging Story

Your video production needs lots of things but most importantly it needs a beginning, a middle and an end.  It also needs to be entertaining. Things it shouldn’t include: boring, badly executed, too sales-driven.

Top Production Values

Make sure that everything is working in perfect harmony. You want a great story, great music, good sound (if you can’t hear it, it’s worthless) and, if it’s live action, great cinematography.

An Easter Egg

How cool would it be to throw something in that only a few people would get? Because those few people who are now in love with you for doing something that appeals to them so specifically are going to make much stronger leads in terms of conversion as well as the ones who will definitely help it go viral.

These are all factors that go into making your video production not just cool but mind-blowing. Try putting as many as you can into your next video and you’ll see how well your audience connects. In fact, leave it to us – Rip Media Group is all about making mind-blowing video-productions so we know what comes with the territory.

Remember – your story starts here!