Making Superior Testimonial Video Productions

Making Superior Testimonial Video Productions

You know people love you. And the reason you know that is because people keep telling you! So how do you translate those amazing testimonials into a video production that shows potential customers how great you are? Something that’s either superior whiteboard animation or live action or perhaps even motion graphics?  Here at Rip Media Group, we’ve put together some thoughts on how to craft that video production – and expand your current customer base.

At the end of the day, you want to build a strong bond of trust with your customer. One of the things people respond to is seeing others rave about you – because it’s easier to trust someone who seems genuine than it is making up your own mind based on no actual evidence.

But it’s nowhere near enough just to shoot video of your testimonials and present them to the world. You need to think of these testimonials as part of your story.

Your Story

Nothing sticks faster and stronger than emotional connections. So you must think of your story as a bridge; on one side is your customer and on the other is a sale. You need to provide that bridge to get your customer to make that purchase.  But as with all bridges, people need to be able to trust it. It can’t be flimsy. It has to be solid, dependable and, above all, it has to be built upon four pillars.

Think of these pillars as each having a prominent role/function within the story – they include People, Places, Purpose and Plot. We break them down further like this:

Plot – this keeps your viewer engaged with the story and keeps them on the bridge from one side to the other.

People – this pillar makes emotional connections to your viewers.

Purpose – this pillar gives meaning to your story.

Place – this pillar adds authenticity.

In this scenario – and for this blog – People are going to be your customer testimonials so you need to ensure that these are the strongest pillars. So instead of just showing Joe Smith raving about your product/service, let’s find out a little bit more about Joe Smith first. Who is he? Why should I care what he likes? If you can answer those questions, I will identify with Joe and will trust him more.

The more Joe Smith – and Jane Smith and everyone else Smith – connect with your audience, the more those testimonials will mean. Let us know how much these people care and how much they needed a solution (you!) to their problem. It’s less about Joe Smith raving about you and far more about him telling a story (that you happened to be a part of) that will connect with your audience.

So to recap:

Begin with a character who has a strong desire.

Highlight their conflict.

Lead your audience on a journey across that bridge by embracing the good results they found by using your product/service.

Easier still is to simply let Rip Media Group create that superior customer testimonial video production for you in a variety of styles; from motion graphics to live action to whiteboard animation.

Remember – your story starts here!