Making Sure Your Business Video Production Hits All Demos

Business Video Production

Here at Rip Media Group we know how important your audience is. Your business video production needs to be geared to the right demographic or it will miss the mark. And while we’re all familiar with age and sex when it comes to demo, have you stopped to think about multicultural audiences?

Facebook IQ recently conducted a survey that illuminated some interesting and surprising results. The survey reveals that users who identify themselves as African-American, Asian-American or U.S. Hispanic are 1.3 times more likely than average users to say that video helps them stay connected with their personal culture.

The figures around video production consumption and cultural influences are fascinating. Some of the major findings include:

·     U.S. Hispanics are 1.5 x more likely to watch video multiple times a day on platforms such as smart phones or tablets.

·     Asian-Americans and African-Americans are 1.3 xmore likely to watch video multiple times a day on platforms such as smartphones or tablets.

·     86 percent of African-American, 81 percent of Asian-American and 84 percent of U.S. Hispanic participants in the survey declared that their cultural heritage was key to the manner in which they identify themselves.

·     Cultural connections to multicultural users are created best in video productions that are related to food, family, sports, language and music.

·     Multicultural affinity clusters foster users who are either (or both!) engaged in creating content and consuming it.

Facebook’s survey encouraged marketers to make mobile-friendly video productions.  They also say it’s helpful to add culturally relevant content that connects with a multicultural consumer-base. It certainly can’t hurt to ensure your video production appeals to as broad an audience as possible!

Social Code, a Facebook Marketing partner, noted that in the third quarter of 2015, Facebook video ads spending surpassed the money spent on photo ads for the first time ever.

So take the time to address all audiences because the more people you attract, the bigger the response to your video production and, in turn, your services. Here at Rip Media Group we make sure that your messaging crosses both audiences and platforms – and that your branding appeals to as many people as possible.