Making Video For A Goldfish

Making a Video for a Goldfish

Do you ever find it difficult to concentrate on one thing without stopping to check…oh look, a butterfly!

Sorry, where were we? Oh yes. Do you find it hard to concentrate on completing a task effectively without checking your email or social media? Do you flit from website to website, never stopping for very long on each? If that sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone. According to recent findings, the human attention span has dropped to levels below that of the average goldfish – to a mere 7 seconds!

It seems that our increasingly digitized lives are starting to have a big impact on our concentration levels. It’s a worry for video production companies like us, but it’s not all bad news. The research also shows that we are getting better at absorbing information when it is delivered in short, sharp bursts.

Grabbing Their Attention With Short-Form Video

So, let’s take a look at long-form and short-form video formats. What’s the difference? Well, in general terms, long-form videos have a duration of over 10 minutes and a short-form video lasts for anything under 10 minutes.

Short-form videos typically have the following characteristics:

  •          They’re, well…short!: Don’t ever expect too much commitment from your viewers, no matter how confident you are in your brand. Expect them to want to get in and out in quick time. They’re busy, they’re on the go, and they want to know what you have to offer, and fast!
  •          They grab your attention: Video is one of the most engaging marketing mediums in use today. Noticing and reacting to movement is part of our genetic programming, which is why animated videos are such high converters in any marketing strategy.
  •          They get to the point: Video is the best way to deliver a personal, clear and relevant message quickly.
  •          They’re highly accessible: Millennials are rapidly changing the marketing landscape, demanding more from the marketing industry. They want access to the latest offers, information and products on their devices and they want a quick way to interact with a brand. A short form 30-60 second video is engaging, entertaining and can be made available across many different media platforms.

Got More To Say?

So, you might be thinking that it’s impossible to say what you need to in 15, 30 or even 60 seconds. But we promise, you can! It all comes down to prioritizing what you need to say. What are your main points? What are the main features? What’s the call to action?

When we write the script for your video production, we determine the best approach for your individual products or services. This might involve splitting your video into a series that entices the viewer to watch each part, or we might suggest a short introductory video that leads viewers into your longer pitch.

Still with us?

Great! You have an awesome attention span. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our video production techniques, and how we can adapt your sales message for the goldfish brain world.

Remember, your story starts here!