Making Your Marketing Video The Best Movie Trailer Ever

Marketing Video

We all love movie trailers – and a promotional marketing video is essentially a teaser of your brand, product or service. Often, they’re the best part of the movie experience – especially if the movie that follows isn’t much good. Well have you ever stopped to wonder why? It’s simply because they promise so much amazing. Everyone knows that the best bits are in the trailer. And that’s the philosophy you need to take with your ad. All the best bits of your company; all the promise it offers your customer; and all wrapped up in a couple of minutes.

There are a handful of major elements that make up a good trailer and each of these should be utilized in your ad. The first is Not Revealing The Ending.  Trailers don’t tell the entire story; they reel you in. So your ad will do the same. Give just enough tantalizing info away to get your customers wanting to know more. That’s when your sales team can take over and seal the deal.

And isn’t that music something else? It can make you feel something even faster than words can. So bearing that in mind, an Emotive Music Score will increase an emotional response from your audience.

Snappy Scenes are the hallmark of any good trailer. Zippy cutting from moment to moment keeps your audience interested and doesn’t leave them zoning out from boredom. Changing images quickly keeps the brain engaged.

And finally the Key Information is what you want your audience to know. Just as a trailer will tell you the basic story as well as filling you in on who the stars are, your ad must do the same. What’s the product, why does the audience need it, and where to go for more info.

Why not take a look at a bunch of trailers and take notes on what works for you. What made you want to watch the movie – and why? Those same ideas can go into making your ad as popular as the best movie trailer. And that’s something Rip Media knows all about because making the most visually compelling, arresting ads in the business is what we do every day of the week.

Our talented team at Rip Media Group is always creating engaging videos that help sell a brand, product or service in the most efficient and creative way possible. Let our team help you build your brand and get you the visibility and impact your organization needs.

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