From Many To One – Great Tips For Video Productions

Great Tips for Video Productions

Once upon a time, as the Internet grew in leaps and bounds, video productions began to catch on for companies as a great way to get themselves seen and heard. But it didn’t take long for people to realize that there were a lot of hurdles on the way to achieving a great video production.

There are so many things to bear in mind when making a video production – whether it’s whiteboard animation or motion graphics – and  it can feel like you’re losing your grip on reality. And no one likes losing their hair! So today we’re bringing you some simple rules all of which revolve around the number one to make it a lot easier for you.

One Function

It’s best to keep your video production down to one function. That means if you have multiple subject ideas, you can make multiple video productions! Keep them simple. Keep them to one function per video.

One Perk

You can talk till your head falls off when it comes to how beneficial your product/service is. But too many turn into noise. Try and boil it down to your best benefit and highlight that. It’s far easier to remember one thing than a bunch so it’s a great way to ensure your viewer gets it.

One Minute

The shorter the video, the happier the viewer. Short and snackable is the way to go so keep your video down to one minute or so. A lot of studies are showing that the recurring trend in online video productions is that shorter is much better. It doesn’t have to be 60 seconds exactly but err on the side of less is more.

One Paradigm

Pick the best possible example you can to make your point. Think about what that is; it should have the biggest impact – and go with that! What does your audience need to hear to get what your product/service does? Distill your video production’s essence down to that example/paradigm.

One Call To Action

Of course you could bog your viewer down with a bunch of calls to action. Sign up here. Subscribe here. Log in here. Give us your email here. OR you could choose the best one for your product/service and ask for that. Asking too much of your viewer becomes a turn off and a burden and you wind up with nothing.

Here’s our one call to action. If you’re looking to put together a video production, then call us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation. We’ll make sure that your product/service is highlighted in an original, engaging and compelling way that’s sure to increase sales and brand awareness.

Remember – your story starts here!