Mobile Video Predictions For 2016

Mobile Video Predictions 2016

AOL recently put together an infographic on video productions and the areas of concern for both media buyers and publishers – and it caught our eye over here at Rip Media Group. This report comes on the back of projections that say 2016 will see mobile video productions creating 20% of publishers revenue – so we figured we had to share it with you.

The infographic was created when AOL polled 51 of its largest partners (they included 31 publisher clients and 18 demand-side platforms). AOL identified four notable areas that both groups will most likely pay the most attention to in 2016.

AOL found that the two key areas for success with onl ine video campaigns are audience data and viewability. As you’ll see, the infographic notes that “buyers don’t see a singular standard for measuring viewability in the near future.” It seems everyone agrees that a variety of solutions are needed to ensure clients receive acceptable rates in terms of viewability.

Take a look at the full infographic reprinted below for all the key facts.



Thanks to AOL for the amazing infographic! And remember – your story starts here, at Rip Media Group!