Why You Need A Video Production

Why You Need a Video Production

There are so many ways you can spend your marketing money – and today we’re going to make the case that a video production is the best way to go. Sure, we produce videos for a living, from whiteboard animation to motion graphics and live action, but bias is not our primary motivation here. At Rip Media Group, we consider ourselves a Customer Service company above all else, and it’s in the interest of our mission to provide excellent customer service that we bring you the following facts on why you need to invest in a video production:

More Traffic

Did you know that by 2018, watching video productions will amount to 84% of all internet traffic? In fact, a post with a video attached to it will attract three times more inbound leads than one without.

Who Reads These Days?

The average web surfer reads only 20-25% of the words you write if there’s no visual stimulation involved. That percentage jumps up to 75% if you include a video on your site!

People Like To Watch

Did you know that the human brain consumes visual images about sixty thousand times faster than it does text? Not only that, images increase learning by an astonishing 400%!


Three days after hearing information, humans remember only 10% of it. However, if people have seen visuals that accompany that information, people retain 65% of it! That means your website patrons will more likely remember what they read on your site because of what they watched.

Increased Views

In 2015, Facebook saw a staggering rise of people watching videos on its platform. How much? From April to November of that year, views doubled from 4 billion per day to 8 billion. Think about that, 8 billion video production views A DAY.


Companies that add images or videos to their posts on Facebook see 87% of all engagements. Tweets with video or images produce almost 20% more clicks, almost 90% more favorites, and 150% percent additional retweets.

Those stats are just the tip of a huge iceberg, so make sure you’re not the Titanic who gets destroyed by it! Use this knowledge to your advantage. Make sure you’ve got a top-notch video production on your website and that you’re also sharing it on your social media platforms. We can help you get started today! We do it all – from motion graphics to live action to whiteboard animation, and everything in between. Give us a call so we can help you turn your marketing money into new revenue streams. Remember – your story starts here!