The New Year and Video Marketing in 2014


Welcome to 2014 and all of the opportunity it will bring. When a new year begins it is always fun to predict what the hot trends in video marketing will be and what changes will come with them.  It is our turn to make some bold predictions.  We have 10 of them, and we will share 5 of them in this blog.  Lets start with:

1. Traditional show content via the Internet
This is an easy prediction; content in the form of live shows, such as sports, television and movies will be increasingly delivered on the internet.  It will be common to view shows on tablets, phones, and wireless computers.  The amazing amount of content will allow users to watch videos that are tailored just to their tastes.  To boost your online marketing viewership, consider partnering with media companies that produce popular show content.

2. You will become a media company
The thought of a media company brings to mind a big firm, with a massive building downtown.  But every company will start to really think about their brand and how to get the word out.  This means thinking about what your brand represents, who is your target audience, are there other people that might be interested in your product and service that you did not think about in the past?

3. You will become a video content provider
If you own a company, big or small, you will start to produce video content.  This will be in the form of explainer videos, product demonstrations, interviews with customers, and much more.  To get the word out it has become commonplace to provide a video right on the home page on your site, in addition to links to YouTube, and tweets!

4. You will get a video marketing manager
More video = more work.  Someone will need to manage the large amount of content that will be created, this will be a “video manager”, a single point of contact for taking care of your new video brand and getting videos out to the public.

5. Your sales people will beg for videos!
Once your sales people find out the great content and branding being delivered by video they will see it as a key part of their sales strategy.  Customers love videos, and if your sales person can share a video, or play it for a customer before a meeting, it makes the sales process easier, repeatable and more fun!

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