The Numbers Don’t Lie: An Online Video Production Is Your Ticket To Success!


Today’s blog is all about numbers; hard and fast stats that show why you need a video production explaining what your product or service is and why consumers need it.

And rather than fill this blog with flowery descriptions we’re just going to let the numbers talk for themselves. We’re sure you’ll agree they’re pretty staggering and make a solid case for why you need an explainer video production on your website.

93% of companies that use video believe it has increased user comprehension of their product/service.

36% of companies believe that they’ve received fewer queries as a result of an online video production, which means…

64% of companies believe that their online explainer video productions have definitely increased sales!

72% of companies who use video productions believe they improved the website’s conversion rate.

45% of companies who use video say they have an explainer video production on their front page.

83% of them say their home page explainer video is very effective!

61% of companies currently use video productions as a marketing tool

However, 39% of companies are yet to add video to their marketing strategy. If you’re one of them, you might need to rethink your business!

So why don’t companies use online video productions?

12% of the respondents don’t because they’re unclear what the ROI is.

10% don’t have the time to create and promote video productions.

9% can’t convince their check writer that video is a worthy venture.

And Yet…

78% of that same group are convinced that online video productions are a very effective way to do business.

87% of companies who have online video productions use them on social media.

76% of users would share a branded video production with their friends if they found it entertaining…

65% of users say they’d share a video production if it was educational…

And finally, only 3% of consumers would never repost a branded video, regardless of the circumstances.

So you’re either one of the happy ones who already has a video production on their website – OR you’ve just read the above numbers and realized that you’re missing out on a lot of revenue because you don’t!

Contact us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation. We can get you that killer video production you need. We can do everything needed to produce a video that’s compelling, entertaining and shareable.