Once Upon a Time, Corporate Video Moved its Viewers to Tears…

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Sounds like the beginning of a fanciful (read: unlikely) fairytale, doesn’t it? Yet corporate video is indeed becoming a most unlikely hero in the world of web marketing, propelled by the return of storytelling. Far from being a fable, science backs up what marketers the world (and web) over are already putting into practice. Our story begins here…

The Science of Storytelling

A human’s brain is hardwired to respond both cognitively and emotionally to narrative, engaging the visual and motor sections of the mind and committing the story’s content—here’s where your marketing pitch comes in—to memory. Simply put? Your coffee beans (or iPhone app, or dog sitting business) are instantly more memorable when explained with a story rather than a sales pitch.

Ditch the corporate video presentation filled with graphs and tables showing the benefits of caffeine to short-term focus. Instead, shoot the promo video from the perspective of a new mother, going through onerous tasks with a fussing baby in her arms. Enter the cup of coffee—made from your company’s beans—and the day takes a turn for the better. This little bit of storytelling instantly makes the product familiar and the promo video more engaging, in turn making a bigger impression on the viewer. And for any marketer, that is truly a happy ending.

Your Story Begins Here

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