How To Send Your Sales Figures Through The Roof With Online Video Production

Video Production

Ok: Online video production continues to explode in popularity. Companies of all shapes and sizes are turning to video to share their story with the world. So, why aren’t you? You’re missing huge opportunities in revenue, brand awareness and a leadership place in your very competitive market.

If you need proof, here are some numbers that should help inform you as to why online video productions are a vital component of marketing.

According to a report from comScore, retail visitors who watch online video are sixty four percent more likely to purchase. That means well over half your potential viewers are more informed, more excited, and more ready to spend their money on you. Imagine what you can do if you get that video to go viral; imagine the numbers if you crunch the SEO and get your video to rank high in Google Search. Not bad, right?

A report from Demand Metric also weighs in to say that seventy four percent of marketers report that online video productions generate better conversions than any other form of content. So sure, blogging about how great you are doesn’t take a hit on your pocket book – but it’s not really creating much revenue either. Online video is the way to go.

Digital Sherpa issued a report that says eighty percent of your visitors will watch a video – whereas only twenty percent will read content in its entirety. Imagine grabbing eighty percent of the visitors who visit your website!

And we’re not the only ones talking about the power of online video productions. Demand Metric states that over ninety percent report that online video is becoming more important to their marketing and sales strategies. And in a highly competitive economy, you need every advantage you can to survive.

You can see for yourself in this nifty little video we put together!

Here at Rip Media Group we strive to create an explainer video production – whether it’s live-action or animated – that is perfectly crafted for your business and your audience. Think of an online video as your perfect salesperson; everything they say has been vetted by you, they have a captivating presence, and best of all, they’re on the job twenty four seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year.