Get your complex idea across with ease: Educational whiteboard animation

Last week, we were fortunate enough to be able to find time to quickly (four days, phew!) create a whiteboard animation for a wonderful group that is working to pass laws in Ohio, that will help students and the school system there for generations.

By taking a seemingly stale set of statutes and details of a law, we have created what many think is extremely compelling, as we added creativity, animation, effects, sound effects and enhanced the experience.  The team also added click-able hotspots to the video so voters can easily find their legislator while watching….

We are happy with the result, and hope you have a moment to enjoy and are interested in the result.  Looks like 25,000 people were interested as well…

Keep your eye on the vote –


If you have a complex product or service, let us know what it is, we will likely find a way to create a compelling and interesting way to express it!