Overcoming 4 Video Production Basic Bads

Video Production

There are all kinds of challenges when putting together a video production. Some are very demanding but others are simple. So simple, in fact, that you might overlook them in favor of the bigger problems – and still wind up falling flat on your face. Here are four of the most basic bad moves you can make when putting your video production together.

Bad Content

Is your script compelling? Does it not only do what it’s supposed to – in terms of what it’s selling – but also keeping people watching for the entire time? There’s a lot of noise out there and you want to surge above it. You want to fight the consumer’s urge to click “next”; you want a script that grabs their attention in the first five seconds – or less!

Bad Budget

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys, right? So you need to allocate something serious for a budget that’s going to give you an ROI if done well.  You might need to go to the person writing the check for the video production and show them why online video is so important to your company and staying relevant. According to a report from Demand Metric https://www.vidyard.com/blog/b2b-video-marketing-benchmark-report/ eighty two percent of marketers find online video productions to be “somewhat or very successful.”

Bad Strategy

You really need to decide what your video production is for and who will be watching it before you do a thing. There are many reasons to make your video – great reasons – including increasing brand awareness to improving upon the viewer’s education. They’re all valid and no reason is less important to any other because it’s subjective. The only thing that’s objective is that you need a strategy.

Bad Metrics

How do you know how well your video production is performing if you’ve no means to measure it? There’s also other metrics to look into; who’s watching your video, their age, median income, how much of the video they actually watch, and so on. Make sure you know how you’re going to measure your metrics before you launch the video so you don’t miss one viewer.
And that’s it! Four basic bads. They’re easy to navigate if you keep them in mind from the start – and rest assured that if you’re using Rip Media Group, we’ll already have our eyes on them (and a whole lot more!) to make the process that much easier for you.