Personalized Video Productions Bring Huge Rewards

Video Production

If I could, I’d personalize this blog to each and every one of you, just like we can now do with our video production service. Seeing your name atop an email, blog – or video production – is so hot, it can increase your email conversions by 500%. Yes, really! How do I do it, you ask? We’ll answer that in today’s blog.

Cutting through the clutter is what separates you from a sale. And how bad is that clutter? Take a deep breath as I explain it — it’s not for the faint of heart. The average person now deals with 121 emails each day, attention spans are shorter than 10 seconds, and as for emails, only 18% of marketing emails are opened and of those only 2% of recipients click through. Ouch.

But there’s a solution to this traffic jam and it’s called personalized video. It is literally increasing email conversions by 500% – and in some cases even more. A personalized video – which can contain elements like whiteboard animation, live action or motion graphics – are able to weave a person’s name or a corporate logo right into the action. And furthermore, you can add a thumbnail with that personalized frame to it ensuring no one will miss it.

Want some examples? Look no further than Lenovo, the PC maker. They saw their click-through rates quadruple in a recent holiday email, along with 400% higher open rates. And this was an email that was sent out to both active and inactive clients – some of whom hadn’t responded to anything Lenovo had sent out in over six months!

Tradeshift provides another great example. They saw 10x increase in click-throughs and 231% more page views. They also got an 88% increase in downloads of their ebook over their last campaign.

And what about Cetera Financial Group? They saw a 600% increase in click-through rates. And all thanks to personalized videos.

You can use personalized video productions for all sorts of things; from generating personalized leads, for HR recruiting, and for driving registration.  Personalized video doesn’t just get more views – it keeps people watching longer. Reach out to us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation so we can produce a series of personalized videos for your client base.  We do it all too; whiteboard animation, motion graphics and live action.