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You might be wondering why you need to spend time and effort on designing intro videos, but if you are the owner of a start-up, few things are as effective in explaining your concept and getting people excited about it. Intro animation services can include intro videos, videos that simplify what you are doing so that everyone can understand it, and much more. Here are some of the biggest benefits.

Plant the Seed
If you want people to purchase your product, not just once, but over and over again, you have to plant a memory. People remember more when they view a presentation than when they read text. SEO articles are good, but videos are better.

Show Off Your Style
Differentiating your company from others who offer similar items or services is always a challenge. Animation is a great way to demonstrate your uniqueness. Stats show that a good video can increase revenue by 10-15%.

Stay On Top of the Trend
Online promotional videos are only increasing in popularity with half of the world’s population expected to tune in this year. Social media is a very powerful tool, and adding video links increases receptivity dramatically. This translates to better conversion for your company.

Make it Easy to Share
The easier it is for someone to share your link, the more likely they are to do so. That is what makes viral videos take off. Make your animated video funny, riveting or truly unusual and chances are people will pass it on. Add a company product teaser and that’s free marketing for you.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
There are times when only a visual aid will help someone understand how to use a product. If they find an explainer video at your website they will be much happier than they would be if they had to wait on a customer service call. Happy customers refer other customers.

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