Produce a Corporate Video People Want to Watch


How easy is it to produce a video? Well, my kids have made several, but I wouldn’t want to count on their efforts to make my business a success. The fact is that it doesn’t take much to make a corporate video; however, it does take some talent and know how to create a good motion graphic that is designed to sell your product. So, how do you translate your vision into a marketing behemoth that takes off and goes viral? Ok, no one really knows what makes a video go viral, but with the right help, any video you make can be a success.

Optimize Your Videos
If you are going to go to the trouble of creating an explanatory video, for example, then you want it to be successful. Rather than have your kids hold the camera while you demonstrate your product or idea, do what the pros do and hire a professional. The pros will tell you that your first goal is to figure out who you are addressing.

While it’s true that every potential customer may have a different problem they want you to solve, there are some general themes. Your goal is to show those people how you will make their lives better.

Hey, You!
Grab their attention in the first few seconds. How many times have you tried to tell someone something and had it go in one ear and out the other? You didn’t have their attention. Make sure the video you create gets the audience’s attention right away.

Don’t have a celebrity to sell your product? Create one. Have the same character turn up in video after video. This helps build trust and continuity. Think about how much you looked forward to the unknown Old Spice guy.

You Are Making a Web Commercial
Call it whatever you want, in the end, any video you make for your company is effectively a web commercial. Whether it is a whiteboard animation, a scribed video or any other format, your goal is to connect with potential customers and get them to buy in. Many folks wait anxiously to see the Super Bowl commercials debut, sometimes for good reasons; they can be fabulous. Use a professional firm to generate the same kind of excitement for your videos.

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