Product Videos: Just Add Drama

Best practices in whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, corporate video production.

Online and offline promotions are necessary in order to make sure that you don’t place all of your marketing eggs in one basket. A well-rounded marketing and video integration plan is needed for success. Marketing content produced for TV is going to be vastly different from the same produced for the Internet, or for a live audience, is it not?


If done correctly, you can integrate video content both offline and double your impact with the same budget dollars. Our clients are repurposing videos in trade show booths, customer events, conferences, in store LCDs, and on social sites. Are you?

Lets learn from the networks. TNT decided to do a little something to promote their new ‘drama block’ of TV scheduling. They created a commercial that was fun to watch and drew in viewers .

It was so good that I wanted to highlight it. It is fun, and people shared it with family and friends giving TNT a huge extra boost with no extra investment in video syndication or massive ad buying. Pure video SEO and good content did the trick. They followed the pages right out of our guide: How to create compelling video_____________ and operated with a sense of mystery.

TNT combined the power of a corporate video production with sharing by producing a winning marketing campaign. Can you think of ways your business could expand your audience via video? This plan can be used for any business; well produced videos to promote your business, can work online and off, complimenting each other and decrease your overall corporate video production costs.

We worked with a client earlier this year on a similar concept. We needed to produce video that would entice viewers, and create an action. Very different audience, and genre from TNT, but the result was amazing as well.

This client wanted to use motion graphic animation to show 1,000 members of the audience what would results the donation created. It was all about the children, and produced with a motion graphic animation to remove anxiety, and draw viewers in. We agreed the story was powerful enough that voice over was not needed, and merely showing the story of what happens to one child with good educational and support vs. what happens without good education and support, would be enough.

It was. The client raised hundreds of thousands of dollars during the event, and the video brought them accolades and continues to live on their website and YouTube.

At Rip Media Group we produce corporate videos that are targeted towards YOUR audience. We assure you produce vide that has multiple purposes, can be used online and offline, and lowers your expenses. If you’re looking to figuratively kill 2 marketing birds with one stone, give us a call today.