The Push to Put Brands in Video Content

Give him a shove

The focus these days on video marketing content seems to be to integrate brands within the video content that is put online via YouTube and other social media. This is similar to the way that TV networks wove this brand into television shows in the past. This is known as “branded entertainment.”

There are a number of ways to embed this information and put it in front of viewers. Some of these tactics include in-video ads (like the ads which run at the bottom of the screen on YouTube as the video plays), inserting full length ads, and working the brands into the content itself.

The advantage to viewers online is that they can often “opt out” of the ads and refuse to click on those that are embedded in the content. However, this is decided from the producer’s end, not the viewers’ side.

So, how should modern day brands who want to get their message out handle these in-video ads and brand opportunities? What is the best approach to be as subtle as possible, but still relevant in the minds of viewers?

According to what most modern day media organizations are finding out, the issue with video marketing and branding is not so much if it’s “too much,” but if it is authentic and not intrusive. Customers and viewers are getting much more savvy, and they know the difference between an ad that is running solely for the purpose of generating revenue, and one that is somehow helpful to the viewer.

Just like in the content marketing world, where Google has defined “good content” as pieces which give some value to the reader and is relevant to the brand, the same is true in video. You must first do no harm. Second, provide something useful. And third, create some engaging content and interest in the content. This is the only way to win over customers who are growing increasingly impatient with the “ads in your face” approach of our current day.

So, what is the verdict? In the end, you must find the right mix between content and branding, between sales and marketing strategy, and give the viewer the message in as subtle a manner as possible. Whether you do this with in-video ads, actual running ads, or other ways is up to you. But you need to keep the focus on your content – and the unique aspects you are offering people, if you are going to win friends and influence people. Video marketing is a tricky business, but with the right partner you can still make your brand’s presence known without scaring off the masses.

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