10 Questions To Ask Your Video Production Company Pt1

Video Production Company

You’re searching Google, asking around. You’ve been tasked with finding a video production company to take your business to the next level. The next thing you know, you’ve got an $80 offer from a guy in a country you’ve never heard of, concept pitches from your wife’s brother’s nephew who’s in film school (and he needs a helicopter to get the money shot), and a $200,000 “discounted” offer from that agency that created some Nike commercials.

Now what?

There are ten questions you should really be asking. These are the ones that will help you formulate a proper plan and line up a top-notch production company. Let’s dive in.

How many of your artists, animators and project managers are overseas?

The question itself is sneaky, right? If you ask, “Do you outsource?” you may get a different answer. “How many of your…” assumes that they do use overseas help and you should get the real answer.

If your project is outsourced overseas, the response time to any of your changes 
or revisions is typically 48 hours, which dramatically lengthens the production process, extends your delivery date and inflates your budget. You can’t just pick up the phone and speak with the actual producer, editor or animator—unless its 3am your time. Quality drops and stress levels increase.

How many references can I speak with before we start?

You certainly want to satisfy your due diligence. There are a lot of new companies out there calling themselves ‘resellers’ that are actually just web storefronts for other companies or fronts for overseas animation studios (See question 1).

Video production calls for a high level of service and effective collaboration—references can give you valuable insight into a company‘s process and quality of communication. A simple way to make sure you’re getting the scoop from fellow professionals is to make sure references’ email addresses and phone numbers match their business website.

Click on through to the next blog for the next set of questions you need to be asking. From all of us here at Rip Media Group – your story starts here!