How to Reach Prospective Customers with Explainer Videos

How to Reach Customers with Explainer Videos

Video communication and explainer videos involve a unique type of communication which is ideal when reaching a large audience of prospective customers. You can use  explainer videos to promote your message in a way that creates a personal connection with viewers. In addition, online video combines the advantages of classic TV advertising with the internet’s natural tendencies for interactivity. It is also more mobile than traditional TV ads and messages, since you can take it wherever you go.

For this reason, video marketing is highly effective in engaging the viewer for less cost on the dollar than traditional ads. Also, such practice results in reaching more people in a few minutes compared to traditional TV. This is the case with satellite as well!

Defining Online Video Marketing

So what exactly is online video marketing? You could think of it as a strategy that allows you to get your message out to the public in a faster manner. The experience can be targeted through mobile devices and other personal devices for a direct correlation between the supplier and viewer.

Characteristics of Online Video Marketing

The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” could also apply to video marketing. Along with images and text, video explains a lot more in a shorter amount of time. They tend to get to the point in less than 2 minutes on average and create an interest in a product by visual methods and techniques. Video has the ability to attract the viewer in ways that text cannot do alone. It is clear to see that video is an effective method to enhance your blogs, text materials, and websites.

When to Use Video

Videos can be used to promote, explain, teach, and entertain. You can use them to make special announcements to your regular clients, or encourage people to go to your landing and main sales page to purchase material.

Advantages of Video Advertising

By using video advertising online in your marketing campaigns, you hit people “where they live,” by offering them fresh video content about topics they care about. When matched up with SEO (good keyword and search engine optimization techniques), you can learn to match your video keywords and message with user searches, thus beginning to focus more on the targeted audience.

The Importance of Tracking, Analysis and Software

Find reliable tools such as Google’s free traffic tools and keyword tools to keep up with the activity of your website and videos. You can view statistics easily on YouTube, or get a free account on to keep up with views on certain pages. It’s important to know the trends and behavioral habits of people who view your videos.

Remember to also use keywords in your YouTube descriptions so that you will create a cross-link effect between your video content and keywords in the searches. This will make you more relevant with Google and increase your “page rank.”

Promoting your Video

There are a number of ways to promote your video once you have it completed. Have a “Tell a Friend” link on your website which allows interaction and sharing capabilities on social media. Encourage viewers to visit your website and create a compelling “call to action” at the end. Put your video links in your email marketing campaigns and share it with everyone on your business cards.


Online marketing videos can supplement your TV ad campaign, while serving as an effective standalone solution for your marketing strategies. Either way, online marketing videos allow you to reach the most people in a shorter time, thus increasing your ROI (return on investment). The idea is to promote your brand on a much larger scale.

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