The Secrets To How Video Production Enhances Marketing Automation

How Video Production Enhances Marketing Automation

What are you doing with your video production? I ask because some people think that once they’ve got their video – be it whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action – that they’re done. That it just sits on their site acting as their omnipresent salesperson.

Well, guess what? It can do so much more! One of the things your video production can do is help you with your marketing automation. Yup, marketing automation – the same thing that’s become so effective at helping you grab new leads and recognize even better ones.

Better Conversions

Did you know that emails with video productions attached get 2-3 times better click-through rates? And landing pages that house video nail 80% more conversions?! Get this – those new leads are already more qualified because you’ve got a whole bunch of information on them from the metrics your marketing automation has collected! Speaking of which…

Better Metrics

Think of your video production as a little engine that’s constantly on, and all the time it’s gathering metrics. One of those metrics details the people who’ve watched your video all the way through. Which is important, because if they’ve done that, it means they’re interested in what you’ve got to offer! Video productions maintain a huge amount of information that can be used to affect the lead score and deliver the greatest outlook on a lead. It will help you gain awareness of the attention span each video maintains and the total minutes of video watched.

Better Nurturing Campaigns

I strongly advise you reaching out to people who’ve downloaded your video production – because chances are they won’t mind a follow-up email. But what about those viewers who only watch a minute or two of your videos? Chances are they’re interested too – they just have a short attention span, but they’re viable leads, nonetheless! And here’s another reason video productions are superior to a  whitepaper when gauging your audience; even if someone downloads your whitepaper, you can’t tell if that person has read it. You can always tell who’s watched your video and how much of it they watched.

Better Figures

Oftentimes, someone just clicking on a video registers as a “watch,” even if the viewer moved on after a few seconds. Autoplay, for example, tells you nothing other than that someone has visited your website. But once your video is added to your marketing automation, you’ll be able to track how much of your video production a consumer has watched. This will help you determine whether you have a genuine lead or not, because someone watching your video all the way through is clearly interested in your product or service!

So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have a video production then you’ll need to get one – pronto! Don’t worry, that’s what Rip Media Group is here for. Contact us for a full consultation and we’ll get you the video of your dreams, be it whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. Remember, your story starts here!