Spell (and Shout) It Out: Effective Video Marketing for the Over-stimulated Audience

Effective Video Marketing

Every business knows that the best customer is an existing one: they’re an easier sell and a built-in referral system for new customers. But getting the most out of those relationships requires, (a) maintaining constant contact, and (b) differentiating your company’s marketing content from everyone else’s. Herein lies the new age of video marketing. Reaching an over-stimulated audience requires style points and web savvy. Here’s how to get both.

Try a Stand Out Style

Your video marketing campaign needs to be, in a word, different. Try a style that is visually pleasing and efficient in its messaging; whiteboard animation, motion graphic video, kinetic typography and speed drawing are excellent, exciting and often under-utilized options.

Include Content with Value

As for video content: aim to build trust and demonstrate expertise. Including useful tidbits or humor can lend your marketing video intrinsic value, making it more likely to be viewed and organically shared. Your best referrals are personal ones, and a person is statistically more likely to press play on a video—and watch it for a longer duration—when it has been suggested or shared by a friend on social media. In video marketing, those views are translated as potential leads, and when those leads are coming from existing customers, they’re more likely to convert.

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