Sshh! Top Secrets To An Amazing Video Production Pt1

Amazing Video Productions Part 1

When it comes to advertising videos, developing a great script is your first and most critical step. There is nothing else quite as important to the success of your video production.

That said, great scripts don’t simply happen. We know; we’ve been producing them for many years. Not only that,  we’ve been watching other marketers with good intentions fail because they lack the knowledge or skills necessary to educate, entertain, and guide their audience.

This is why we wanted to write this blog; to help give some direction to those who are striving to get their message out but don’t know where to start. Much of this information, and so much more, is in Maury Rogow’s Sales Force: Rise Of The Entrepreneur which we highly recommend reading.

Step One – The Experience

Great advertising is focused on one thing – getting the buyer to understand what’s in it for them. Nothing else matters.  It’s all about your client, your prospect and solving a problem they have. It’s not about you.

In your script, resist with all your might, the temptation to show off all your killer bells and whistles. It really doesn’t matter to them how long you’ve been striving to achieve your amazing feat – nor is it about how you are so much better than your competition. Rather, you need to make your audience feel heard, like you know what they need, and how working with you will benefit them and help solve that problem.

Your viewer wants to know how this will:

  • Solve my problem.
  • Make me feel better.
  • Make me more money (or promote).
  • Make me sexier.
  • Help me get where I’m going – fast.
  • Make my life better.

Once you’ve got people thinking about how terrific this will be for them, your job becomes far easier. Take a moment to write these down – what are the top three things your product does to improve your customer’s life?

In the next blog, we’re going to take a look at how the big dogs do it. How have they shaken things up and disrupted business as usual (and in one case, business as non-usual!).

And remember, your story starts here!