Sshh! Top Secrets To An Amazing Video Production Pt6

Amazing Video Production Part 6

We’re counting down some of the top secrets to an amazing video production and this blog sees us arriving at one of the most important of all of them.

So here it is.

Step Four – Story.

So far we’ve talked about the experience associated with your product, the buyers who will relate, and the necessity to keep your content short and shareable. This all culminates in the essential skill of storytelling.

Stories create attachment, activate sense memory, and evoke emotions. Your videos should be designed to pull the strings that generate such reactions.

Let movies be your guide! They’re excellent examples as they follow a three-act structure that includes an exposition, conflict, and resolution. Or, as described in “The Sales Force”, for commercials and explainer videos think of “The pain, the dream and the solution.”

As humans we desire to be entertained. We go into a movie theater expecting a good story. Similarly, as advertisers hoping to get our message before a hungry crowd of buyers, it’s our job to craft the best story we can.

Here are five types of stories that can help us get the message across. Do they seem familiar?

The Underdog Story

This is where, against all odds, your hero wins the day. This hero is a bit of an everyman, except for one or two exceptional talents. Silver screen examples of this include films like Rocky, Harry Potter and Wall-E.

Parallel Paths

Where your hero – or heroes as in the case of budy movies like Lethal Weapon and Sleepless in Seattle – have different methods and personalities but share a common goal. Competitors and teammates push harder, go further, and cross boundaries to solve problems together.

The Hero’s Journey

The journey that takes our hero from relative obscurity and insignificance to accomplishments only he or she could have dreamed of. Familiar examples of these include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride and nearly every Nike commercial!

The Nuts & Bolts

Think of “how-to” videos as a mini documentary where you have to learn something new. When it comes down to facts, information, or learning a new technique, communicating in a clear fashion will give your videos the edge over your competition.

The Transformation

Films are about characters whose lives are transformed. This is what we hope to accomplish with your videos, as the goal is to transform your buyer’s lives for the better through your product and services.

In our next blog, we’ll take a closer look at your story. Click on over there and remember, your story starts right here – at Rip Media Group!