Sshh! Top Secrets To An Amazing Video Production Pt8

Amazing Video Productions Part 5

We’ve been talking about the S.T.U.F.F. (see our last blog for what that stands for). Let’s keep it going and turn up the noise that makes the top secrets to an amazing video production!

Whichever path you choose, understand that the intensity of the emotion matters. When your goal is to get people to share your video far and wide, the more intense the emotional impact, the better. A study by Unruly Media has shown that people are far more likely to share videos that produce strong emotions in them.

But be careful about what strong emotions you elicit. GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials always get shared a great deal but perhaps as much for the shock factor as anything else. You must be consistent with your brand voice.

Once you apply the S.T.U.F.F. to your outline, and it is produced as a whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, or live action commercial, you’ve got yourself a potential winner.

When you think you’re ready to show your carefully chosen audience all that your product has to offer, with the best story possible – well, you’ve got one final step. And that’s our final secret.

Step Six: Test It

Okay. You’ve done all the hard work and you’re ready to launch this baby. You’re ready to show off your kicking ad campaign for your new product!


Hold on there.

You’re only one step away.

If you’ve followed steps 1-5 then you’ve reached the sixth and final step; testing your script. While this may not seem the most glamorous of tasks, it is very likely the most important. It wouldn’t be prudent to invest money and time creating what you’re dead sure is a masterpiece only to have it backfire ignominiously.

So how do you test the marketing message in your video?  Testing your script involves several steps and needs to be done with an eye toward improvement – not speed.

When testing, find a sample audience that will give you an unbiased opinion. Try also to stay within your target demo so as to get a clear picture of what your results may look like. Our husband or wife may not share the same feedback as our target demographic.

In our next blog, we’ll hit the five steps we like to consider when testing video production scripts at Rip Media Group. Remember – your story starts here!