Why do technical details matter when making a whiteboard video?


Whiteboard videos are a great way to convey a message and entertain the viewer as well. It is a great mix of anticipation, waiting for the visualization to unfold – then sharing the message.

For something that looks so artistic and natural there are a lot of technical details that go into making a whiteboard video. There are three main areas to consider, lighting, framing, and audio.

Light up the whiteboard
The key for lighting is to ensure that there are not shadows that will detract from the message. Using multiple lights will minimize shadows from the illustrator. Try putting the lights in the top right and left corners of the whiteboard. Using diffusers on the lights will soften the light and make it more natural looking. Use a 500 lux bulb or greater to ensure that the whiteboard is easy to see. The whiteboard, should look white! Ensure that the white balance on the camera is properly set so the whiteboard does not look blue or amber. Minimize light from any windows as well; this will throw off the color balance.

Frame the subject matter
Just like a good photograph remove extraneous elements such as the frame of the whiteboard, any cables or markers. Using a good tripod is critical to keep the whiteboard video stable. Fancy carbon fiber tripods are probably not necessary, but make sure it can support the weight of the camera you are using.

Audio quality
For great audio generally you want to use dedicated microphone instead of an integrated camera microphone. You will want a low impedance microphone, with a cardioid directionality, which means it will capture sound mostly in front of the microphone and less on the sides of it. This is very common for handheld microphones.

Depending on your budget you may want to get professional gear if you plan on making many videos. We love helping companies reach their marketing goals so feel free to reach out to us!


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