Test Your Video Productions – Or Else!

Test Your Video Productions

Right now, you might be sitting back and enjoying the new video production that just went up on your company’s website. Isn’t that whiteboard animation looking great? Or perhaps you went with motion graphics. That looks great too. But…. Wait. Hold on. Did anyone test that puppy before you uploaded it? No?


Not to alarm you but the wrong video production on a site that’s already working well with an older video in place might be a recipe for disaster.

Of course, that’s not you. You’re smart enough to be putting rigorous tests in place first; you’re making sure that everything that can go wrong doesn’t go wrong! So along with the methods you currently employ to do the testing, we here at Rip Media Group are going to give you a few more.

First off, decide what your main success metric is – now you have something definitive to test something against. Maybe it’s the number of views your video gets from new users. Maybe it’s how many shares or reposts. Maybe its sales. It could be anything.

Secondly, throw a meeting the brainstorm out as many ideas you all can use your video production to increase that main success metric.

Thirdly, rank your ideas. One way to do that is to score every idea based on its impact, the confidence you have in it and how easy it is to implement.  This is known as an ICE score.

Start testing your video now. Maybe it’s too long. Maybe it’s too short. Maybe the background music doesn’t convey the right message. Perhaps the Voice Over isn’t warm enough. Maybe the answer to fixing something that’s wrong is as simple as changing the video’s thumbnail.

Whatever the reason(s), you can now find out what your video is doing right and, most importantly, is getting wrong. Because now’s the time to fix it. Now – before it’s up online and chasing away potential customers.

Just because a video looks great on first pass doesn’t mean everyone else thinks so – that’s why it’s vital to check it first. Here at Rip Media Group, we ensure the video production we make for you meets rigorous testing beforehand; going through internal brainstorms and tests before you even see it! So call us for a full consultation.

Remember – your story starts here!