The Beginner, the Expert and the Web Page Video

Web Page Video

Search engine optimization is a broad term for an ever-changing landscape. Google’s constantly evolving algorithm means maintaining page one placement is synonymous with staying abreast of the search engine’s best practices. Below: guidelines for those just getting started, and those looking to enhance their SEO game with social media, mobile and web page videos.

The Beginner: Content, Optimizing and Backlinks

Before you start shooting, editing and uploading web page videos, you need to make sure your foundation is solid. The backbone of SEO has been, and still is, content, on-page optimization and a backlink portfolio. While the respective importance of each of these three elements has waxed and waned, their collective necessity remains. Fill your pages with high quality content, optimized with keywords, title tags and meta descriptions. As for backlinks, go for quality over quantity, don’t pay for them, and aim for getting links from sites with high traffic and topical authority.

The Expert: Social Media, Mobile and Web Page Videos

Facebook is more than just your biggest time-drain: It’s also your best chance at high search engine placement. Facebook shares, Google+ and Twitter are becoming more important indicators of your website’s authority. Creating shareable content in the first place—think infographics, web page videos, image rich blog posts—makes promoting your site and gaining visibility on social media channels more of a logical marketing extension than a resource-intensive endeavor.

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