The Power Of Story In Video Productions

The Power of Story in Video Productions

We can’t stress enough how important story is in your video productions, no matter what it is you’re selling. In fact, here at Rip Media Group we think it’s probably the single-most important ingredient your video needs.

Fancy video production is one thing (and a great thing!) but if it’s not got the glue that is story, it all falls apart quite quickly. And that applies to multi-million summer blockbusters just as much as it applies to 2-minute explainer videos.

The audience – and let’s not forget, even though we’re creating video productions, we’re ALSO the audience – wants to connect. They want to watch something that grabs them and doesn’t let go. That’s what story-telling is all about. Creating something compelling and engaging. And if we’re going to be marketing and advertising at the same time, we have to be even better at it.

Once you’ve figured out what your story is, then it needs to be crafted. If the James Bond villain unloaded his evil plan in the first five minutes of the film, the next two hours are a chase and nothing else. Elements need to be teased out – and it’s the same way with your product. An info dump, as it’s called, isn’t going to do much for story – instead it’s going to bore the audience.

You can break your story down into basic bullet points – and that’s okay when you’re outlining it for your own edification. But on screen those bullet points have to be fleshed out so they can resonate with the audience.

The human experience isn’t something you can brush over. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – you need to embrace it because only then can your audience truly connect with whatever it is you have to say. Feelings,whether they’re dramatic, scary or funny, are what we need our story to be creating in our audience.

The audience shouldn’t be left to just understand events; it needs to experience actual meaning. And the best way of achieving that is via great storytelling. Of course, with the audience experiencing actual meaning,they will connect with you and your business