The Secret Reason Your Video Production Succeeds

The Secret Reason Your Video Production Succeeds

A great video production – or, indeed, any creative endeavor, has one thing in common. It’s something that happens before anything else takes place. It’s simple.  It’s short. And yet without it, the ensuing video production will suffer without it.

We’re talking about the Creative Brief.

It’s a one-page document that outlines what the project is all about. This is the doc that talks about the underpinnings – something that sets the tone right at the off so you don’t stray from your intended course as you go. It’s so easy to adopt ideas that seem shiny and sparkly as you go but oftentimes, if those ideas don’t match your message, you can stray off course and wind up with a video production a million miles away from what you wanted.

Your creative brief should include the following, simple items:

What is the actual project?

Who is the intended audience?

Why is it being created?

What steps need to be taken to complete it?

If you need more convincing (and, really, why on Earth should you?), here’s a look at just some of the benefits:

Clearly states all facts.

Easily clarifies the main objectives.

Sets up ways to measure the success.

Allows all involved in creative process to sign off on final vision.

Allows the entire team a basis for everything they do.

All that – and far, far more – can be achieved by a simple one-page document. We say one page because it allows the creative team to be just that; creative and not hemmed in because too much stifling criteria was put down to begin with. Having said that, there are other documents that can accompany the Creative Brief that flesh out ideas, goals and metrics.

For example, what is the background of the project and does it come with any research?  Who is the competition? What’s the budget? The timeline? Who are involved in the approvals process? They can also include some basic design staples for the project such as logos, color palettes, audio cues, etc.

You can check out the Rip Media Group creative brief here – It’s from here that we begin the ideation process that turns your brief into the best video you could dream of for you and your company.

Remember – your story starts here!