The Secret To Successful Corporate Video Productions

The Secret to Successful Corporate Video Productions

Here at Rip Media Group we know an ingredient or two in the secret sauce to making successful corporate video productions and we’d like to share that with you today.

Pretty much anyone can throw together a video – all you need is your smartphone. But the two things you really need to care about is having 1) a good video and 2) a video that works for you.

That’s a whole different beast and in a world where you’re competing to get your video seen and heard, it’s also a holy grail. When it comes to video productions, you want to see a return on your investment – something Rip Media Group gives you each and every time.

If you produce a bad video, it can have an adverse effect on your brand. Nothing says “unprofessional” more than than a bad first impression. You can be the most professional company on the planet but if your video is poorly produced and you look like an amateur, then very few will trust you.

The next step up from that is making a decent video production. Well bully for you. It’s decently average. Nothing says “meh” than a video production that’s meh. It might not hurt your brand but it won’t increase sales either. And again, it’s money down the drain. Unfortunately, the vast majority of explainer videos are average. Derivative. Meaningless.

The step up from that is a great looking video. But great looking doesn’t necessarily mean results. A great-looking video can dazzle with spectacle but if it doesn’t promote your brand/product correctly, it’s a fancy waste of cash.

So here’s one secret we can share: You want a production company who knows to focus on brand messaging and story above all else. A production company well-versed in great production, sure, but one that knows that unless your video is connecting with the viewer on multiple levels, then it’s all a waste of time and money. For the record, Rip Media Group knows all those things and has zero desire to waste your budget!

But what’s the biggest secret? The goal of the video production is to sell a product, service or idea. The biggest secret to a successful video production is producing a video that incorporates great ideas and products. Remember the Dollar Shave Club video? It was absolutely engrossing, and the more you watched the more you learned about their company.

So there it is. Your secret to a successful video production is making one that encompasses a great idea with your company’s messaging. Without both of those things, you’re left holding an empty bag. And here at Rip Media Group, it’s our mission to give you a successful video each and every time.