The Who, How and Where of Hand-Held Video Marketing – Tapping into Tablets


Microsoft, Samsung and, of course, Apple: The tablet market is growing, challenging traditional methods of web use and opening up ample opportunity for companies to reach consumers via video content. But with so many types of videos to choose from—live action, whiteboard animation, motion graphics video and kinetic typography, to name a few—knowing who, how and where audiences are watching can make all the difference in tapping into tablets with your video marketing campaign.

Who: Couples and Families

Rhythm’s Q2 2012 Insights report, which publishes figures related to advertising on tablet and mobile devices, suggests that more than half of all tablets have more than one regular user. From a marketing standpoint, that provides a huge opportunity to re-target viewers with video marketing content, whether in pre- or mid-roll ads.

How: Not So On-The-Go

With 64% of surveyed users reporting that they view videos multiple times a week, Rhythm’s Insights report underscores the importance of video marketing. Knowing how these users are watching—hint: it’s not as mobile as you might assume—can help you format and optimize videos for maximum views. About 70% of responders reported watching videos via Wi-fi, which suggests they were in a static space, presumably in the home or the office, and probably have access to a good amount of bandwidth. This should encourage you to put your videos in HD—a move that wouldn’t necessarily pay off if everyone were streaming via 3G and 4G networks.

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