Three Ideas To The Perfect Video Production

Rip Media Group Video Production

We’ve all seen those amazing video productions that dazzle us with their seeming effortlessness and production values –  but they would never have gotten to such levels of intensity had there not been a lot of pre-production planning. Pre-production is where it all comes together and without prepping as fully and completely as you can, the video production itself will fall apart at the seams.

We’ve put together three steps to help you with your pre-production planning – but of course, if you leave it all to Rip Media Grop, we’ll do all this for you!

Idea One 

You can have a budget the size of James Cameron’s Titanic or one the size of a rubber dinghy, but if your video product ion doesn’t keep to the goals you’ve set out for your business, it will all sink like a stone. Write out your business goals first and make sure your script adheres to as many of them as you can. Business focus is a key part to the pre-production process.

Idea Two

One video production doesn’t necessarily fit all goals or messages. If some goals seem better suited to a different video, then make two – or more – videos. But even if it’s just the one video you’re doing, ensure your most important goals are represented in that video’s messaging. Your marketing objective is the second key part to the pre-production process.

Idea Three

When combined, your business focus and marketing objectives can really help you with the next idea which is determining how many video productions you’ll need. If your business targets more than one industry, consider making more than one video. And don’t think this means completely different videos – the budgets for that would be ridiculous. You can make simple, much cheaper changes by simply changing the voice over for each video. That gives you a video production that keeps giving with just a simple tweak to the writing and voice over. Focusing your messaging on one industry means a leaner video production. Alternately, if you’re talking to multiple businesses and it’s not as easy to just change the voice over, decide which businesses are MOST important for you to reach and connect with and make your video productions for those. By doing this in the pre-production process, you can save money and time later on during the production process because you’ll know what extras to shoot.

So there you have it! But remember Rip Media Group will help you through all these ideas and more when you bring us on board as your premiere video production company.