Tighten Up Your Script Writing Skills


If you plan to try your hand at script writing, then you must know some basic rules; simplify, let the media work for you and leave unnecessary things out. As long as you stick to these guidelines you will do just fine.

Cut the Chatter
It is tempting to tell your potential customer everything. They don’t want to know, I promise. Have you sat in a restaurant listening to the server rattle off an endless description of the specials and suffered in silence? Your video audience will just move on to the next page.

Too many words overwhelm people. You are using a visual media; let your promo video do the work. Keep in mind that lip synching is a difficult skill to learn, so speak over your video if possible instead of trying to match animated lip movements.

Animated Video Speaks Volumes
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is estimated that a marketing video is as effective as 1,800,000 words. That’s 3,600 web pages. Because video gives you that visual edge, you can convey a huge message with fewer words. And, there are numerous types of videos your company can place on its website; introduction, explanation, informational and so on. Best of all, the pay-off is huge.

The Online Publishing Association said 80% of Internet users watched a video on websites they visited. Nearly half of those took some sort of action after watching. How would you like to tap into that?

Simplify Your Presentation
There is no need to go high-tech in your promo video. Something as simple as moving words scrolling in the background is remarkably effective. When you animate, use simple characters. Primary colors are great. Let the camera provide motion to keep things active. Changing the shot every 10-20 seconds is ideal.

Eliminate the Excess
Once your script is done and you have some idea of what you want your video to look like, go over the script again. Remove anything that isn’t directly related to the idea you want this particular video to convey. Script writing takes some practice, and if you need help, Rip Media is an experienced production company that can help you put your ideas into action.

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