Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Value Video Marketing

Reason #1: How we learn.

On average 60 percent of individuals are visual learners. Numerous studies have been conducted especially in our school systems to back the findings. When a company has a prospect they tend to look at them as a student or trainee, the old school method of “sell” has changed to “educate”. Whenever a message is being communicated it is important to deliver it in such a manner that can be easily understood. Visual aids such as photos, PowerPoint’s and more predominantly video clips can greatly enhance the education process with your end consumer.

Reason #2: No time.

When someone is visiting your website or even checking out an e-mail that you sent to them you typically have their attention for only a few seconds and if you are lucky, a few minutes. Since we live in such a fast paced society marketing messages need to be kept interesting. Video marketing has an ability to add the one thing that every human can relate to, “emotion”. It is important to touch someone’s heart before you touch their wallet.

Reason #3: Ability to Share.

The effect of video marketing has greatly increased with the advent of social media. Apart from having the ability to host your videos on sites such as YouTube! to build a subscriber base, your viewer has the ability to quickly share the information across multiple social platforms like Facebook. If the message was compelling enough and contained enough value or even incorporated a unique humorous event people will talk about it.

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