Try This: 3 Steps to Achieve Whiteboard Animation Domination


Becoming a whiteboard animation whiz is all a matter of approach, practice and patience. Beginning with the basics of drawing, and building out to the whiteboard medium, animating skills are surprisingly achievable and enormously helpful in many types of digital marketing, like whiteboard animation videos, explainer videos and speed drawing. Here are three steps to help you learn the basics, hone your approach and develop your expertise.

Step 1: Start with the Basics
Before you could run, you walked; and the same baby steps apply to learning whiteboard animation. Skip the lacquered surfaces for now, and stick to a sketchbook with heavy, high quality paper. Stock up on pencils and “clean,” debris-less erasers, or if you prefer something more akin to the whiteboard marker, spring for a Sharpie.

Step 2: Practice, Practice, Practice
Once you’ve doodled a bit on your own and are ready for some real-life models, take your sketchpad to a park or local mall. Spend some time people watching; act as an observer, and try to notice how people interact, what their stand-out features are, and what makes them distinctive. This is a helpful tool for eventually applying principles of symbolism and caricature to explainer videos down the line. Practice sketching faces, items, buildings and anything else in your view.

Step 3: Apply Your Practice to Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard animation and speed drawing often share an overall aesthetic. As your drawing skills develop, your speed will increase and your precision—even with a relatively blunt tool like a marker—will improve. Once you’ve mastered technique, think about how to present your subject for maximum impact, whether the goal is entertainment or information. The more you draw, the more you’ll develop your own personal style. Remember to stay loose and have fun!

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