Turn Your Corporate Video into Something Attractive


Sure, you can make your marketing video like everyone else does, boring, tiresome and long, but why should you? The way to create a good video is to know how to appeal to a universal audience, and tapping cultural favorites is a great way to go for a corporate video.

Start with Universal Appeal
What draws you in? How about your friends? What do people talk about when standing around the coffee machine at work? Today’s hot themes include zombies, dancing shows, reality TV and internet memes. In fact, a great way to find out what is hot right now is to check out current memes.
Memes are cultural symbols or social ideas that spread like wildfire. They can be anything, from a picture, a video or a saying. Once you have a handle on a popular meme or a hot button, you can easily turn it into a successful video campaign, with the right partners.

Finding the Right Motion Graphics Studio
Chances are your budget isn’t going to stretch to include a company like Pixar, although they would be an awesome partner! In the Los Angeles area Rip Media is the way to go if you want great results at an affordable price. The company you partner up with will help you from script design to final product, and can help direct you towards appealing themes. The right theme can carry from one project to another; just think about the Old Spice guy and how long that theme lasted.

Tell Them What to Do
So, you have the greatest video in the world, just ripe for turning into a viral phenomenon. Yippee! Now what? If you don’t tell your audience what to do next, you are missing the point. Direct them with a call to action. The best way to do that is to provide a clickable link. Rip Media knows how to translate search engine traffic into actual sales. (See how I did that?)

So, are you ready to drive your video marketing campaign right to the top? Let’s get started.  If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to help!


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