Understanding the Buyer’s Journey for the Best Video Production

Buyers Journey

Let’s say you’ve just opened a brand new gym. Not just any gym, THE BEST gym in your area. Better equipment, unique classes, top-notch-trainers, nutrition assistance, sauna, spa — THE WORKS. You name it, this gym has it, and has it BETTER.

One minor problem.

No one knows your gym exists. You spent all your time, energy, and money building the BEST gym, and have nothing left over for reaching your potential gym rats.


You need to gear your message in order to engage those sweat junkies – presenting the right message at the right time and the right story at that moment. This is what we call the ATTRACTION phase.

Next is the mutual exchange of information. This usually takes place on your webpage. Take 1 minute to watch this clip from Business Rockstars where I touch on the CAPTURE phase.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of The Buyer’s Journey. If you need
help attracting and capturing the fitness addicts in your area, because your gym really is the BEST, contact us at Rip Media Group. We’re here to make sure the right message engages at the right time. Your story starts here!