Using Voiceovers on Your Explainer Videos


There are many ways to introduce your products to an eager audience, and animated explainer videos are among the best. Not only do animated videos appeal to a wide range of individuals, they are easy to approach, by nature. Simple and direct, they give you a great opportunity to simplify your production.

Finding the Right Voice
It may be that you have the perfect voice for videos. If not, though, it is necessary to find someone who can do the job for you. Rip Media has access to many talented individuals who can fill this role. Ask for several demo reels. You can listen to these voices and determine which one suits your presentation best.

Create a Perfect Script
Professional voice talents know their work, much as you do. They are more than happy to work with you, but they also want to know that you are a professional, too. Make sure that your script is polished, clean of errors and interesting. Chances are it won’t cost a lot to hire someone with a good voice, but don’t equate affordability with a slipshod attitude. You will get out of this project exactly what you put into it.

Work Long Distance on Your Corporate Web Video
An advantage to hiring voice talent is that you don’t have to have them on site to complete the project. You can complete the video part of your project in one location and then send it to your voice talent. They will do their part, the voice over, and then send you the tape you need. Put the pieces together and your project is ready for editing.

Simplify Your Life
Of course it is easier to have professionals do everything for you. Spend your time finding a great company, one which has lots of experience and success in producing animated marketing videos with voice over scripts, and let them edit the final product, too.

If you are too busy to take on the extra hours it takes to create exposure for your company, Rip Media Group will do it for you. After our discovery sessions, we can become your digital marketing partner as we have done for multiple businesses like yours


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