Value-Based Video Marketing Works so Say Goodbye to Old Sales Techniques


Why is video marketing taking off so strongly? Why are traditional forms of marketing failing? If your company is struggling to bring in customers and increase profits I can explain why. It all comes down to interrupting versus entertaining.

Traditional Marketing Feels Like an Interruption
Think about how much time you have in your day to get things done. It seems like we are always moving at a full run to accomplish our goals. Few of us have the time to sit still and read a blog, much less an entire article. Add to that the fact that retaining written information is challenging, and it is easy to see why people can’t be bothered to read your copy. And, it doesn’t matter if that copy is online or on paper.
When your primary form of marketing feels like an interruption in someone’s busy day, they aren’t going to respond.

Bring a Horse to Better Water
You know the expression; you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The same holds true in marketing. You can get your blog to pop up at the top of the search engine page, but if you can’t hold the customer’s interest, they won’t stay. Entertain them, however, and you have them hooked.

This is why new video marketing techniques work so well. It is estimated that people retain 68% more when they see a video than when they read an article. They also enjoy watching a good animation considerably more than they do reading a blog. If you can get their attention in the first few seconds, you have a good chance of converting that interest into a visit to your website.

Think of It as Visual Facilitation
We live in a visual world. Every new form of media makes use of that visual attraction, from smartphones to interactive games. By taking your marketing into the visual realm you increase interest. The more people enjoy your videos, the more likely they are to share them. By making it easy to share your videos, you improve your chances of connecting with the right people. Do you see how easy it is to tap into this new marketing engine? All you need is one video to start your own revolution.

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