Video Content Marketing: 4 Elements of an Effective Strategy

Video Content Marketing

Without a question, video marketing is a whole new game — and if you’re not in it, then you’re missing out! Having videos to help launch your products, services, or ideas immediately sets you apart from your competition. Videos allow you to have a distinct personality with the added ability to reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers. What more could you ask for? Rip Media Group is well equipped to help you get started on your video marketing campaign.


Creating an effective and compelling video is crucial. Knowing how you want to visually tell that story is another situation to consider. Our talented team of individuals could help you come to that conclusion. Whether you’d like live action, motion graphics, or whiteboard animation, Rip Media Group has got you covered!


If you want to have a successful video marketing campaign, you evidently must have a marketing strategy. We have compiled a 4-step guide to help you understand in further detail.

  1. Diversify your content. One video is not enough. And why would you want one video anyway? To stay prevalent, you must have a certain number of videos produced each year. This will ensure that your target audience is constantly aware of your services, products and other selling motives. In addition, having multiple videos will set you apart from your competitors and put you at the front of the list amongst your audience. Sounds pretty good, eh?
  1. Integrate YouTube and web content. You can’t just post videos to YouTube and expect random envelopes full of money stashed in your mailbox. It just doesn’t work like that! Videos must live on your company profile, websites, and other forms of social media. The key is to branch it out in as many places as possible. Don’t know how to manage all your social media? We could help you with that too!
  1. Engage your audience. The YouTube community is highly interactive and it’s no surprise that they love to comment on videos. This just goes to show that viewers are extremely involved with the people behind the content. In this stage, it is important to interact with your audience to guide them into the possibility of becoming potential customers. A little lost on how to do so? Let Rip Media Group help you!
  1. Consider using paid ads. To reach the rest of the world consider combining your YouTube and social media groups — and remember that paid ads are an important part of your video marketing campaign too. We know the importance of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and can set up your campaign to reach the largest viewer base.

Remembering these essential steps could help you get to the next level of your video marketing campaign — And when you’re ready to take the leap, Rip Media Group is standing by to help!

If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to help. Just reach out to us at: We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.