Video Grabs Attention at Your Convention!

Attention Video

When you’re one of countless presenters at a convention, it’s hard to get attention. It’s discouraging to watch visitors mill past your booth, oblivious to your banner and brochures.  

How can you grab people’s attention and pull them into your brand’s story? And how can you communicate information quickly and effectively with people who don’t want to stop what they’re doing and read?

Video Grabs Attention

Nothing snags people’s attention quite like video. We’re wired to pay attention to movement: just watch how customers in a casual restaurant will return to the television, time and time again.

Video is snazzy, sparkly, and irresistible, and it works the same way with your potential customers. When you set up a screen and play a looping, custom-made video, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the other presenters, and people will stop and pay attention to your message. Plus, the increased activity at your booth has a snowball effect: more and more people will want to stop and see what the buzz is about.

A visual story created by the best video production companies also serves as a terrific icebreaker. As people gather around and watch your video, they’re far more likely to strike up a conversation than they would be otherwise. And because you’ve grabbed their attention, they’ll tell others about what they’ve seen, especially when your video is clever, funny, or surprising as well as informative.

Video Is an Educational Tool

Forget what you’ve heard about TV numbing your brain. The best explainer videos are a powerful method of relaying critical information.

Because visual media combines video, audio, and the element of time, you can relay information with much more nuance. You can add emotion to your video with carefully-chosen music. Or you can capture a character’s feelings with well-honed animation, so your audience feels right along with them.

And because you’ll have your audience’s attention longer than you would otherwise, you can communicate more complicated ideas in greater depth. Coupling solid ideas with entertaining pictures is what makes corporate videos and whiteboard animation so popular.

when you’re planning your convention presentation, remember to say it with video. Simple messaging and animation communicate far more in seconds than paragraphs of reading material.

So  Get in touch with a production company dedicated to creating video to grow your business and make your next convention a success. Rip Media Group, your story starts here!