Video Marketing and Viewer’s Retention Rates

Video Marketing and Viewers Retention Rates

Video Marketing is essential in the success of any business since videos are literally everywhere one turns. Look at it this way about 100 million people watch videos online every single day! In fact, 1/3 of all online activity is spent in watching videos, expected to hit 3/4 by 2017. Whether youre a large corporation or start-up, youre missing out if youre not using videos to promote your brand. Knowing what type of video to create and how to effectively distribute it is crucial. Rip Media Groups creative process is tried and true in helping our clients develop their message and then communicate it the most effective manner. Lets get started with what you need to know.

Attention Grabbing Material

Did you know that the average viewer attention rate is a mere 8 seconds long? Yeah, thats pretty alarming but knowing this statistic beforehand is in your favor. Having an attention grabbing element in the first couple seconds of your video is for lack of a better word HUGE. By having these key moments, you are more likely to keep the viewers attention throughout the duration of the video. Rip Media Group understands the strategy and creative process in effectively engaging your audience. These key moments will allow your target viewers to remember your video and thus, your brand.

K.I.S.S. Keep it Short and Sweet!

Chances are that your target audience has better things to do than to watch a 5-6 minute video. Its best that your video remains as short as possible so that you keep your audience engaged to the end. We here at Rip Media Group feel that having a video around the 1-2 minute mark hits the sweet spot of informative and engaging. Condensing your message into a couple minutes with captivating elements always relates to successful videos. Let our talented team create the video youve always wanted all within the boundaries that lead to successful marketing campaigns.

Keep an eye on our blog for more helpful hints, and download our infographic to see a compilation of many of the finest facts on video marketing on one page:

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