Video Marketing Strategies: Hard & Soft Calls-to-Action

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When planning your demo video for a new product or service, an explainer video, or other informational video, it is important to set clear goals on what you wish to accomplish in your video marketing strategy by identifying the key message you wish to convey, and knowing your audience.

Learn from the Best

Steve Jobs was one of the best presenters in the tech world, as he was a master at creating spellbinding presentations. He was so enticing with his pitch to audiences that they all left with a sense that Apple was the only product available. Nothing else would do.

How did he do it? Jobs also knew that when you sell a product or service, you are not just selling that product, but you are selling what it can do for people. You have to pinpoint how your product or service will make lives better, save time and/or money, or bring love or friendship into their lives.

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In short, he appealed to their emotions. Steve used the “soft sale” call-to-action. He spoke it in plain, simple terms, but in ways the audience could relate. When he introduced the iPod he said, “Think about music and what it means to you. Think about how it makes you feel and enriches your spirit. Now imagine a thousand songs in your pocket.” There wasn’t a lot more to his talk, except to explain how it worked, as he unveiled the iPod.

The Call-To-Action

The call-to-action is often the final most important step to a sale or conversion. Remember that it is easy for people to look up information immediately and compare other products in clicks.

The call-to-action must be done skillfully, not too “hard” or too “soft,” depending on the product or service, but you should default to using the soft approach most of the time. You are simply telling people why your product or service will work better than the competition’s.

Remember that the “hard sell” approach is “out” for the most part. People are tired of being sold to. That’s why informational sites and blogs for businesses are so popular today. People want information on products and services and they want to know the value of them.

The Final Step

Many times, viewers come to your video for information that may be the final step in the decision-making process before committing to purchase. For this reason, in your demo video, it may be to your benefit to focus your efforts presenting the most beneficial aspects of your product or service, rather than going into the entire presentation. This cut to the chase and result in more conversions.

Video Sharing

Don’t forget the power of sharing. Using social media, and providing links for people to share, tweet, and retweet your video, will help your message get out to the masses in a shorter period of time. Don’t forget G+ (Google Plus) and to include the important search terms and keywords on your YouTube channel as well. This all works together with your website keywords and other things you do to increase awareness of your message and your brand, and send people in droves to your video.

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The internet has become the ground for imparting information that will influence consumer decisions.

For a sales video, you want to increase conversions and sales. For an explainer video, you want to explain how something is done and increase audience knowledge of a product or service. For an educational video, you want to impart information that will result in a more informed decision. But, no matter what type of video you are doing, you want it to be good, to engage your audience, and to result in more loyalty to your brand.

There’s a lot to do, remember, and create. That’s where we come in.

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