Video Marketing That Works -Types of Videos and Platforms

Video Marketing That Works

YouTube is one of the most popular video marketing platforms, but it is also the second largest search engine in the world. Crazy right? Learn something new every day! This means that people are actively searching for content about products, services, and explainer videos via YouTube’s powerful search engine. Can you imagine all the type of content that appears? Oh, we almost forgot to mention that it’s also owned by Google, making it that much more powerful. Let’s face it, YouTube is the Superman of video sharing sites.


The social power of video marketing is often underestimated by companies who are hoping to leverage some of its power. They seem to understand that social media is a powerful way to connect with viewers, but fail to realize how it helps maintain and develop relationships. If you can’t beat them, join them. And by “them” we of course mean video marketing. Just to clarify.


Viewer interaction adds to this notion that video marketing is the way to go. Personal interactions and reactions lead people to fully understand the benefits that video marketing has to offer.


Video’s appeal goes back to a childlike quality we all once experienced. Like Saturday morning cartoons in your pajamas. Ah, the good ol’ days. Adults seem to be attracted to moving images, much as we did when we were children. Some things never change. Such appeal draws us in where other forms of media may fail to do so. So what did we all learn? That we constantly want to be entertained!



  • Screencasting Videos – These videos have running audio commentary with the power to engage viewers and pull them into the message. This explains why videos which are done in a slideshow-type of format with narrated text are highly effective in increasing conversions.


  • Presenter Videos – These are a type of video where a “talking head” or presenter leads the viewer through the details of a product or service. Corporate videos can also be done this way and can serve as great introductions for new companies trying to draw attention to their brands online.


  • Explainer Videos – These are another highly effective type of video that can be used to explain the details of a procedure, product, or process. This is one of the reasons YouTube visitors conduct searches daily – to get information on what interests them. If your brand has an online video, you will be one of the first ones they see. Millions of searches are done monthly on YouTube, and that’s too big a market to ignore. It’s now very affordable to create a video to communicate the value of your brand to customers in a way that resonates with them.

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