Why Video Production & Landing Pages Go Together So Well!

Video Production and Landing Pages go Together

You’ve spent both money and time on Google –  and others like it – to get your potential customers to click over on to your page and watch your video production. Your boss is so proud! Huzzah! And here they are! Are they worth the nickel you paid? Well they ain’t worth a damn thing if they scan the page, don’t care for what they see, then jump back into the search again. All that you’re left holding is the bill.

It doesn’t matter what your video production is; it could be whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. But what does matter is having it right there on your landing page! How important? Here’s a mind-blowing statistic:  using video productions on landing pages can increase your conversions by 80 percent!

Here are four reasons why conversions are so high – and why you need a video production too!

Emotional Connections

When you have a video that’s engaging and compelling, you find that the connection you forge with your viewer is fairly unshakeable. Don’t believe us? When was the last time you were watching a video and either crying or laughing – and then suddenly clicked away because you were bored? Exactly. You never have and never will. Figure out what emotion you want to elicit in your viewer and create a video production that engages it.


Okay, so we kinda know what you do. We just Googled you and clicked and now we’re here – but, um, is there something that can tell me quickly and brightly exactly what it is that makes you different from everyone else? Well a video production can do that for you efficiently.


The text on your page might be compelling but where is the real connection happening? Establishing trust both helps with the sale and leads to loyalty. And a video – featuring real people, real voices, etc – is a great way to build trust in the minute or so that you have someone in the palm of your hand.

Introduce Yourself

Actually seeing someone – you, your boss, one of your co-employees – in a video production is a great way of showing that you’re real. And in turn that means it builds trust. You’re no longer a faceless company. Let the potential customers see for themselves that you all care deeply about your product/service.

These are just a handful of reasons why a video production should be on your landing page. Contact us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation and we can give you many other reasons why you need one there too. Or just click around and see our own video productions that show who we are and how passionate we are. We do it all – from whiteboard animation to motion graphics to live action and everything in between.

Remember – your story starts here!