Video Production Mistakes And How To Fix ‘Em PT2

Video Production Mistakes

Well this blog is going well, huh – you’ve already learned a bunch of mistakes your video production could fall prey to and you’re about to learn some more. And best of all, you’re learning how to fix them!

Let’s get right back into it.

Call To Action You’ve made ‘em laugh. You’ve made ‘em cry. You smartperson, you! But um, hold on, you forgot to tell them what they should do next.You dropped the mic and walked away feeling all proud of yourself and your audience hasn’t the first clue how to engage you so they’ll most likely look for another act. Make sure your video production has a call to action – give them something to do. Maybe tell them to share the video. Or give them your number. Or tell them to subscribe. It’s always good to leave your audience wanting more – it’s terrible to leave them in the dark.

Zzzzzzz The number one rule of anything in advertising – don’t send your audience to sleep. Of course your business and its services are the most amazing thing known to man – but there’s ways to communicate that that won’t shut the internet down from boredom. So make sure your video is filled with fast cuts,hard edits, and fun, snappy dialog. Captivate and engage!

It’s Not About You Sure it’s your product, your business, your video production…But all those things should be about your audience! Because if they don’t connect you’re left with nothing. How will your audience’s lives change with you on board? How can you stop or solve what’s bothering them? So remember to talk to them in your video production – and don’t just talk about yourself.

Focus! The script is where your product is made or broken. What’s its story? What ’s your story? What’s the audience’s story? All of those things need to be defined and brought together into sharp focus. The audience’s attention span has to be won over every single second and the more you diverge away from your core messaging, the greater the chance they disappear.

So there you go!  Eight top tips on how to fix some problems before they appear. Now go make sure your video production has NONE of these mistakes or better yet, get Rip Media Group to write and produce it for you.